Review from Ind School EEC Report

Cited from the External Evaluation Committee Report from the Ministry of Independent Schools 2005 & 2011

  • Canyon Springs Montessori School has provided a charming typically Montessori facility, which resembles a home and provides a safe haven and excellent learning environment for its student.
  • The cleanliness and maintenance of this facility are impressive; all areas of the building and grounds were immaculate.
  • The environment at Canyon Springs Montessori is engaging, purposeful and child-centered All the rooms are cheerful, bright and attractively decorated. The decor and furniture is child appropriate and classroom space is very well utilized, with organized areas containing various tactile resources readily available to support student learning.
  • Classrooms are thoughtfully arranged to provide flexibility for whole group, small group and individual work. Students are very independent, focused and responsible.
  • The staff are caring, well trained and nurturing.
  • The school is an excellent learning environment that is well equipped with Montessori materials and a wide variety of reading materials.